Rachel is multi-talented, holding many roles within our team! She has been with SpectrumCare since 2018.

Rachel is a part of SpectrumCare's leadership team!  Rachel holds a leadership role in our ABA team as well, as a board certified behavior analyst.. She is also our office manager.  Within the occupational therapy team, she holds the role of occupational therapy assistant.

Shania RBT

Alia RBT

My name is Jordan Shonkwiler! I’ve been employed with SpectrumCare since May of 2021. I’m a Registered Behavior Technician. I’m currently in school for Early Childhood and Special Education. Working in the special needs field has always been a dream of mine, and I’m so thrilled to be working in my hometown making a difference with SpectrumCare.

Hello! I’m Bradie Chapman and I have been at Spectrum Care since July of 2020. I have found this position to be so rewarding in many ways. I love helping the kids to learn skills that will help them throughout their lives and seeing how appreciative the parents and family members are to see the growth in their child. I enjoy working with the kids and seeing that “aha moment” when a trial that we have been working on for a while comes to them and then they surge forward another step in their journey.

I have a Master’s in Education and taught in the university setting for 13 years before coming to Spectrum Care. I am also a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH, Intl.) and have been active in the field since 2003. I have taught many participants both in and out of the saddle about horses and how they can have an effect on their lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have enjoyed working with children and adults with various therapeutic needs.

Bradie RBT

My name is Alia Roark, I am married with 3 boys. Each of my 3 boys have different disabilities that are ADD, autism, and down syndrome. I am a RBT at SpectrumCare, LLC and I work with the younger kids. I love my job because I get to be a part of their accomplishments and witness them taking on challenges everyday. Seeing the parents/guardian's be AMAZED of what their kid(s) can do brings me joy!

Our company's founder, Leah Ann Joyce, has more than 20 years of experience in working with and designing supports for children with developmental disabilities. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), with a Masters degree in Education with a focus in the foundations of ABA from the University of Cincinnati, with additional graduate level coursework from the University of Massachusetts and Tiffin University in Educational Leadership and Behavior Intervention and Autism.
Leah Ann and her husband Dan-COTA/L, are co-owners of SpectrumCare, as well as, parents of an adult son with ASD.

I have worked in helping professions for over twenty-five years, primarily supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  I have recently adjusted my career path to focus on applied behavior analysis (ABA) and finished a second master’s degree (M.Ed) at the University of Cincinnati in December 2020.  I am fascinated by the science behind it and astounded by the results in the lives of children and their families. 
I view myself as a lifelong learner.  I work hard to apply my love of learning as I provide services to children and families.  I learn from every child and family, because I have found that all of the families and children we work with have many unique strengths.
I am thrilled to work for SpectrumCare.  The teamwork and mutual respect shown between team members is amazing.   Even more important is the team’s non-judgemental attitude toward every child and family.  This unconditional positive regard for our clients plays out in every environment and in every individualized ABA program where SpectrumCare is providing services.   As I pursue my goal of becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), I know I am in the right place, and with the right people to learn and grow.  
My passion in the ABA field lies primarily in behavior consulting work for public schools.  To be a member of different teams in various school districts allows me the opportunity to help individual children learn at their potential and better connect to the world around them.  That is always an inspiring and meaningful experience for me.

Jordan RBT


Rachel BCBA

My name is Shania Smith! I am currently a Registered Behavior Technician and Case Manager at SpectrumCare. I am also working towards my M.ED in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Cincinnati. I have been with SpectrumCare as an employee since January 2020, but I completed an internship in the Fall of 2019. I absolutely love this job, all my kids, and their families! My favorite thing about this job is when it clicks with a client! When all our hard work pays off and they learn a new skill! Seeing the happiness that it brings the families gives me so much joy! I am so thankful for SpectrumCare and all the opportunities I have been given.

Ms. Sydney is a Registered Behavior Technician pursuing her BCaBA certification. She has two boys and enjoys getting outside to hike and travel. Ms. Sydney works with children of all ages to develop life skills, social skills, and functional play. Her favorite part of working in ABA is shaping programs to fit each individual child. She loves to find what motivates each kiddo and use that to strengthen their abilities. Ms. Sydney is passionate towards facilitating creativity, exploration, and learning through play with children and parents. Type your paragraph here.

My name is Parker and I’m a RBT here at SpectrumCare! Currently I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree at Shawnee State University and am pursuing a master’s in Occupational Therapy. I’ve been surrounded by behavioral therapies my whole life so I’m excited to finally be given this opportunity to help children that need them!

Sydney RBT

Leah Ann BCBA, Owner

Parker BT